Further cuts to Gaming funds are coming: Christy Clark interview

Christy Clark

It’s worth listening to this mp3 of an interview on CKNW Radio between Christy Clark and Cheryl Ziola, Director of the BC Association for Charitable Gaming. It’s an illuminating discussion. There are also some interesting phone-ins at the end, including with Karen Reid Sidhu, founder of BC GAMING FUNDS BELONG TO COMMUNITIES – STOP THE CUTS! (which you can join on Facebook), as well as with a volunteer with the Delta Arts Council, which is threatened with closure after the loss of its Gaming funding. He describes what destruction of an organization feels like from the inside, and refutes Coleman’s remark in the legislature that “a lot of these charities are old and tired anyway.” He argues that if a non-profit organization or charity has been working in a community for 40 years and receiving this funding, its longevity is inherent proof of the fact that the community needs it. There’s plenty of discussion in the interview about the municipal politics around gaming – communities only accepted bingo halls and slot machines because there was a guarantee those funds would pay for valuable charities in those very communities, and would therefore offset the social evils of gambling and addiction. If the charity funding is cancelled, the willingness to host those questionable facilities will evaporate. Thanks to Keith Higgins for the audio.


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