Even The Guardian has noticed the BC Arts Cuts

The Guardian Theatre Blog on BC arts cuts

From The Guardian: “On the subject of protests, spare a thought for our friends in British Columbia. For the last couple of months they have been fighting against the government’s decision to carry out a 90% cut to arts funding by 2010/11. Unsurprisingly, this is likely to wipe out whole swaths of the arts community there. And so, as the Praxis theatre blog points out, artists are organising a series of Grey Square Relay protests in which “a minimum of 16 people, dressed in grey, walk single file silently and make a grey square silently on a city corner”. The idea being that a grey square symbolises what a future without art would look like. Lyn Gardner has argued that arts funding in the UK will also be under significant threat over the next few years. It’s a sobering thought that our Canadian counterparts stand to lose much, much more.”

The Praxis Theatre link in the Guardian article above also contains a link to Victoria company Theatre SKAM’sSpamaoke” song spoofs about the cuts. The best one  is “Holding Out For Zero,” based, obviously, on “Holding Out For A Hero.”


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