arts advocacy bc

Arts Advocacy BC is a new BC organization with a mandate to advocate for the arts province-wide. The BC Arts Council has been wanting to take on an advocacy role in BC, and has made an encouraging recent announcement to that effect, but the appearance of a new organization that’s completely independent of government is a welcome addition. From the AABC’s new site:

Arts Advocacy British Columbia is a grassroots organization that has advocacy as its sole purpose. We are a groundswell of individual support for the arts. We are audiences, patrons, teachers, parents, musicians, poets, sculptors, painters, potters, actors, dancers, writers, readers, publishers, presenters, graphic designers …

In short, we are the public. All 4.4 million of us.

Government cuts to arts funding are devastating arts and artists in our province. Now that support is gone, will we ever get it back? Does the government see a need for arts and culture in our society?

How can we make a difference?

It took years of hard work, bold action, and high risk—yes, even tree hugging—to get the environment movement on the public agenda.

There are people of passion and dedication keeping the importance of the environment in our face—and in the government’s face. We are told that the arts do not even appear on surveys of public interest.

It is time to stand up and be counted.”

Contact information and downloadable PDF is available at the Arts Advocacy BC site.


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