Arts Cuts Memo Contest – Send a memo to the government!

Above, Arts Cuts Ribbon by Fiona Curtis/Steven Brekelmans. Below, Knitted Arts Cuts Memo by knitgirl, and submission from BC composer John Oliver. Tree at bottom is by Anonymous. Click on photos to go to the Flickr page.

Here are the contest details from the Arts Cuts Memo team:

CALLING ALL BRITISH COLUMBIANS! Who can make the most creative “memo” to the BC Liberal government, reminding them that BC arts and culture can’t survive cuts of 92%? The message of the memos is “Restore Arts Funding Now.” It’s a BC-wide contest and collaborative yellow-sticky-art exhibition, and there will be prizes (TBA) for adults and children. If you’re not an artist, that’s even better! It is calculated that there are 3 million arts supporters in BC, whether it’s of music, festivals, galleries, plays, performance art, or literature. Communities all over BC have already been sending strong messages that the arts are at the centre of their communities, both socially and economically. Everyone is imaginative enough to make a creative Arts Cuts Memo to send to the government, reminding them that we don’t want to see the total destruction of arts infrastructure and homegrown arts in our province! Once dismantled it will take decades and far too much money to rebuild.

ArtsCutsMemo by knitgirl - closeup


Using yellow sticky memos/post-it notes, you can make any 2D or 3D object you like – we suggest using at least 20 post-its, but even just one is fine! Paint it, decorate it, anything you like. Just make sure the words “Restore Arts Funding Now” appear somewhere on your piece. Then photograph it and send it to us or upload it from your Flickr to our Flickr pool (instructions below), and you’re done! It would be nice if we could have most of the entries by mid-December, though prize-winners will be announced in January at a date TBA. Even after winners are announced, we will continue collecting them until the budget – because it’s not just about winning! It’s about reminding the government.

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PRIZES – TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON! If prize tickets are in Vancouver, and the winner lives outside Vancouver, a hotel stay will accompany the prize.

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1. Please include your name, community and the artwork’s title, if it has one.
2. If you are already a member of Flickr, please upload ONE OR TWO photos maximum of each piece to your Flickr photostream, tag it “artscutsmemo“, and then upload it to our Flickr pool. The higher the resolution the better!
3. If you’re not registered on Flickr (you can get a free account here), please just send your photo (or 2 photos maximum) of your Arts Cuts Memo to artscutsmemo at yahoo d0t com and we will upload them to the pool. You can send us photos up to 5 MB. The bigger the better!

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Arts Cuts Memo - Christmas Tree (anonymous)


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