Bring Back The Fire – stage your own bonfire event!

Bring Back The Fire is a winter bonfire event organized in Wells, B.C., to protest the cuts to arts funding that have hit Wells and other smaller BC communities so hard. The event’s organizer is Bill Horne, the photographer responsible for the amazing photos of loggers, miners, farmers, pulp workers and hunters protesting the arts cuts. It sounds fun! From the invitation:

“Just after sundown… I am inviting people to “Bring Back the Fire! – celebrating our culture and protesting cuts to BC non-profits & arts.”

For those who live too far away to join us this weekend, please consider organizing your own event locally so we can light up more places!

Since the government has left PACs, non-profits & arts organizations “out in the cold” by cutting arts funding and taking away gaming monies, let’s fight their frigidity with fire and show them we won’t be frozen out of the economy!

A night this close to the solstice is a great time to demonstrate how brightly the power of community and culture can glow in a place like Wells. Envision an Island Mountain Arts ( coffeehouse, but … outside!

BYO warm clothes and/or overnight gear, plus songs, poems, stories, skits, snacks, etc.
Cameo appearances are welcome for those who can’t stay the night ;-)”

Other communities should organize something similar! Wells, B.C. is well-named; it seems to be a bottomless well of great ideas.


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