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“Arts are folding” – origami submission to the Arts Cuts Memo contest

"Arts are folding" by Joseph Wu, Vancouver

Fantastic origami submission to the BC-wide Arts Cuts Memo Contest/Protest by Joseph Wu, Vancouver. It’s hard to know whether to enter this one in the “Origami” or the “Title” contest category.

“Arts Cuts Memo” contest submission is a striking data visualization

Arts Cuts Memo by Sharon Kahanoff

This entry in the Arts Cuts Memo contest – a competition to see who can make the most creative memo to the government out of yellow sticky notes – was designed by Sharon Kahanoff. She submitted this explanation: “Just so you know, my yellow sticky has been accurately rendered to reflect 1/20th of 1% of the budgetary whole that is the paper, and of course this figure is before the cuts. It took me longer to do the math than to make the drawing, and I think I’m prouder of the math than the drawing.” When the little arts funding sticky note says “after the cuts I will be too small to see,” it’s not kidding. To read more about why these cuts make no social or economic sense, click here.

Arts Cuts Memo by Sharon Kahanoff (closeup)

Gabriola Island Puts a Face to the Arts

Gabriola has made a great contribution to the BC-wide “Face of the Arts” Flickr campaign. See all their photos in their Flickr set here! The Face of the Arts campaign was kicked off in Golden, BC, and is spreading around the province via Flickr. Vancouver participated in the project last night at The Wrecking Ball political theatre revue, and those photos will be forthcoming. If your community wants to get involved in this campaign, Golden’s Kicking Horse Culture site explains how to start. Flickr has been a very useful tool in this fight against the BC arts cuts, and speaking of Flickr, please take a look at this really fun new BC-wide art project and contest – The “Arts Cuts Memo” contest. Please participate in these BC-wide projects – they’re beginning to have an impact on the government, on public attitudes toward the arts, and on future BC cultural policy.