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BC municipal elections – who are your arts candidates?

Cartoon - Arts cuts activists

Do you know which of your mayoral, council, parks and school board candidates support the arts? If you do, please leave their names (and any other information) and your municipality in the comments! You can also tweet their names to us, if you are on twitter: our account is http://twitter.com/stopbcartscuts.

And if anyone comes up with a good hashtag – something better than #VoteBCarts – please let us know!

The arts are becoming stronger in BC. The win against the mega-casino proposed for Vancouver, an arts-activist-led fight, has made politicians more aware of the strength of artists and the arts lobby. Let’s keep the momentum up. Be heard! Tell your candidates you care about the arts in your community; ask them what they plan to do to expand the creative sector; invite them to an all-candidates meeting on the arts. It will be very revealing.