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Dan Mangan’s “Post-War Blues” video dir. by Kevin Eastwood – statement against government attack on arts

Censored Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

Great video for Dan Mangan’s Post-War Blues, directed by Vancouver’s Kevin Eastwood. Thanks to both Dan, who has been ever-active in speaking out against the BC government’s cuts to arts, and Kevin Eastwood for this video. Good performance by Don McKellar.


Welcome to Arts Cuts PSA Theatre!

Two excellent new PSAs to add to a growing collection of videos on the BC arts cuts issue. Please pass them around! The whole community, artists and arts supporters, appreciates the colossal amount of work that was put into these productions.

The BC government’s arts funding “shell game” explained

The BC Liberal government has been playing a “shell game” with arts funding – that is, moving funds around by sleight-of-hand. And as it moves funds around, it manages to reduce their total sum at every step, meanwhile pretending that this is not in fact happening (see video above). This explanation was first printed here.

First, you need to know that arts are funded via 3 sources in BC. These are the 3 “shells” in the shell game:

1. Gaming funds. These are known as “Direct Access” funds and derive from lotteries and gambling. (There are also funds from Bingo, and these are on the verge of being cut too). All of these funds are mandated to be distributed directly to arts organizations and other charities; gambling was only legalized in this province with the understanding that a significant proportion of gambling/gaming monies would be returned to charities in the communities.

2. BC tax revenues, distributed to the arms-length BC Arts Council (BCAC), which in turn distributes funds to artists and arts organizations. The government also on occasion distributes our tax money directly (not necesssarily through the BCAC) to special festivals or one-time events or special projects.

3. The 150 Cultural Fund. This was a $150 million endowment to the BC Arts Council in 2008 (BC’s 150th birthday) meant to generate at least 7.5 million annually for the BCAC. Due to the economic downturn it generated only about $3.5 million last year, but even 7.5 million wouldn’t be enough to fund the BCAC. It’s not a cash infusion and as far as arts organizations are concerned, it’s unavailable.

Now, how were the cuts made and how was the shell game played? … cont’d.

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Frank Moher on how arts funding works in communities

Excellent, informative video by Frank Moher, Artistic Director of Western Edge Theatre, Nanaimo, in his submission to the Select Standing Committee on Government Finances and Services, October, 2009.